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We make old appliances disappear for a fantastic price in Glendale and the surrounding area.

Trusted Local Appliance Removal Company in Glendale, AZ

When you need to get rid of old appliances from your Glendale home or business, you can count on the junk hauling pros at Garage Rescue & Junk Removal to safely and quickly remove your heavy, awkward residential and  commercial appliances and equipment while you sit back and relax.

Licensed and insured, we are the local junk removal company you can trust to remove your unwanted appliances and equipment with care and ensure they are handled responsibly through donation and recycling.

No appliance is too big, small, or bulky for our fully equipped teams.
Why stress about how to haul away those old appliances when you don’t have to?
All you have to do is call, sit back, and watch Garage Rescue & Junk Removal make those outdated, broken, unwanted appliances vanish.

Major Appliance Removal

Garage Rescue and Junk Removal offers fast, affordable appliance removal services in Glendale. We remove and recycle the following appliances:

Small Appliance Removal

We donate and recycle the following small appliances in Glendale and the surrounding areas.

Eco-Friendly Appliance Removal In Glendale, AZ

Socially conscious and community-first, we do everything we can to give your old appliances a second chance. We donate used, working appliances to local charities for rehoming and recycle the rest.

You can count on Garage Rescue & Junk Removal for appliance removal solutions that give back.

Same-Day And Next-Day Appliance Removal

Are you searching for fast, professional appliance removal near me in Glendale or surrounding areas? We’ve got you!

Our friendly team can quickly and safely remove residential and commercial appliances and equipment of any size and haul them away for donation and recycling when you need for a fair price. 

We offer Same-Day and Next-Day appliance removal and free, no-obligation upfront quotes


Garage Rescue And Junk Removal Crew


Experienced Team

Our team is highly trained and experienced in the junk removal industry. You can trust that we’ll get the job done right.

Competitive pricing

Junk removal doesn’t have to be expensive. Our service pricing provides an affordable option to get rid of any junk.

Flexible Scheduling

We work with your schedule, not the other way around. We value your time and give our customers the opportunity to schedule their junk removal appointments on their schedule.

Same-day Servicing

Fast service is good service, at Garage Rescue & Junk Removal we work fast and provide same-day pick ups so you don’t have to look at that junk any longer.

Great Customer Service

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We value & appreciate our customers because you guys support our small business!

Wide Service Range

We provide a wide range of services & haul just about anything.

#1 Trusted Junk Removal Company In Glendale.

Getting rid of old appliances and household junk is physically demanding and time-consuming. Why deal with the heavy lifting and hauling of old appliance if you don’t have to?

Our Garage Rescue and Junk Removal Crew have the equipment and muscle to haul to remove those unwanted appliances while you sit back and relax. We can remove old tube and flat screen Televisions, household and commercial appliances, hot tubs, equipment, and more.

Trusted by homeowners, businesses, realtors, contractors, investors, and property managers in Glendale and the valley, you can rely on us to save you from those old appliances for a fantastic price.

Ready to Be Free Of those Old Appliances?



At Garage Rescue & Junk Removal our goal is to provide fast, affordable junk removal services for your home, business, or office. If you have any questions about our services, contact us at  or call us at 480-251-9482. In the meantime, read some of our frequently asked questions below.

appliance removal in phoenix az

The cost to remove your old appliance(s) depends on the their size and how easy they are to remove. For example, removing a refrigerator from your kitchen costs less than removing an old hot tub or commercial equipment. To find out what your appliance removal services will cost, reach out for a free quote today!

We sure do! Our rescue team have the muscle and equipment to safely remove restaurant equipment, commercial appliances, and more with ease. 

Cash or Credit/Debit Card

We can typically take away those old appliances the same day you call. If you need urgent appliance removal, call now!

Absolutely not! Our junk removal team has the muscle and equipment to safely remove items from wherever they are, so you don’t have to do a thing.

As long as we have permission and access, you do not need to be present.

Yes. If we quoted your appliance removal job ahead of time, we will assess the additional items and provide you with an updated quote on the spot. If you like our price, we’ll haul all your unwanted items away. 

Garage Rescue & Junk Removal serves Glendale and the surrounding Arizona communities, including

  • Pheonix
  • Scottsdale
  • Tempe
  • Mesa
  • Gilbert
  • Chandler
  • New River
  • Tolleson

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